Our Tradition

Reytan is a brand that proudly refers to the Polish tradition of vodka making. Their history dates back many generations, and the distillation process is based on secrets carefully handed down from generation to generation. Ancient methods are preserved at every stage of production, resulting in vodka with exceptional taste and character.

Our Respect

The premium vodka brand Reytan pays attention to both its roots and its consumers. The brand focuses on sustainable production methods and cares about the environment. Reytan also follows the principles of an ethical and responsible alcohol producer and encourages moderate alcohol consumption.

Our Quality

Reytan does not make any compromises when it comes to quality. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, such as selected grains and pure water. The distillation process is carried out under the constant control and supervision of experienced distillers to ensure the excellent quality of the final product.


Reytan Vodka is a unique beverage with its roots in Poznan, but with its unique beauty and taste it reaches all the way to the heart of Hamburg.

Our Purity

Every drop that is found in these vodkas is carefully distilled and filtered to ensure unparalleled clarity and purity of flavor. This care ensures that every sip is full of purity and freshness.

Our Elegance

Our bottles looks great on any table and is an example of careful aesthetics. The sensuous, slender shape and refined details give the bottle a unique charm. Every detail has been carefully considered to emphasize its exclusive character.

Our Sophistication

The taste of this vodka is delicate, yet full of richness, with subtle aromas and a unique finish. Each sip is a journey through refined flavors that will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds.

Discover the taste of perfection - reach for the premium vodka!


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